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Elections for the next Giovita Committee 2001-2002

For all of you who are interested in running for the 2001-2002 Giovita committee please do so as soon as possible. It's very easy, just follow the following step:

Each candidate must send a lettere explaining why he or she would like to be part of the Giovita committee. You may send by e-mail or by regular mail to the following addresses: or at Or mail it 35 York Montreal Quebec H3Z 2Z5.

The deadline is July 31st, 2001.

Thanks again and the best of luck!!!!


Dearest members of Giovita,

Let us first begin by apologizing to all of you for the vulgar and disrespectful comments we have all see in the last few months on the guestbook. Many of you might ask why we did not delete them as soon as they were posted. Simply because we believe in the freedom of expression and therefore deleting anyone’s comment would not be morally correct. We did although try in the best way possible to delete any comments which insulted people directly. Therefore, once again we truly apologize.
 There have been questions being asked regarding CFMB’s implication and role within Giovita. We hope that with following words an answer and explanation can be given.

CFMB has always been a strong promoter of young Italians and their ambition to keep the Italian culture alive and promising. They have supported many initiatives regarding the promotion of Young Ital-Canadians well before the existence of Giovita and will continue to do so in the future.

Approximately two years ago, CFMB urgently felt the need to revitalize the Italian culture within the hearts and spirits of all youths who were willing to carry the torch, thus the creation of Giovita.

CFMB put together a complete democratic process with one goal in my mind, not to benefit monetarily, or technically or indirectly through radio ratings. Their primary goal was to get whoever wanted to involved in this project, therefore creating a family with same beliefs and morals. The incorporation fee of the association was taken care of by CFMB as well as all fees regarding the election of the first term committee, fees directed to the payment of banquet halls for meetings and general assembly’s.

However, CFMB was not only a monetary backbone for Giovita. They supported and encouraged us through thick and thin. They were there to praise us when we did positive acts and they were to encourage us when things did not seem positive. From the secretary to the president, we all knew that we could have always (not only the committee but also the members) counted on any member of the CFMB staff for help and support.

 Now you may all be asking yourself why this initial message on the Giovita web-site. Simply because we, as a committee, felt that it was unfair of certain members and non-members to criticize and judge the role of CFMB within the association without actually knowing their true role.

The Giovita committee has never backed down form criticism; we knew when we were all elected that criticism was going to be part of the puzzle. We can handle being criticized for our actions as well as our decisions, but one thing we feel is unfair is when innocent people’s names get dragged in the dirt. This last statement not goes out for CFMB but also for the members (past and present) of the both, Giovita committee’s as well as the regular members who keep this association alive.

Once again, we apologize for any misunderstandings and inconveniences. We appreciate the time you took in reading this important message.


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