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Friday 22 Natale Sotto Le Stelle (Christmas under the Stars) (Pictures)
We've organized a special Christmas party that we'd like all our friends to join us at:

"Natale Sotto Le Stelle"

The party will held December 22nd at Buffet Le Rizz. 

The cost of tickets is $18 for members and $20 for non-members. They are available at Voyages Arc en Ciel, 1975 Villery. tel: 725-9351 and at Caffè Extravaganza, 7010 St.Laurant. tel: 273-0030. 

Of course you can also purchase your tickets from the committee members or at our December general assembly Dec.20th



Friday 10 Giovità's Extreme VIP Party (Pictures)
Click on the above links to view a couple of pictures from our successfull party! 



Sunday 8 Serata Kareoke - Caffè Extravaganza
Have a craving to sing an italian song? Giovità is having a Kareoke night on Sunday October 8th at Caffè Extravaganza 7010 St-Laurent at 20:00. There will be a cover charge of 2$ at the door.
Saturday 28 Spaghetti evening with Giovità - GIOVITA-TA -(Pictures)
Join us for our second annual spaghetti dinner party at Buffet Le Rizz 6630, Jarry Est St-Leonard.

Tickets for the evening are $35.
Those that cannot make it for dinner can join us from 10pm onward for $15.

An all Italian evening with music and door prizes. Come one and all and bring your friends too! We want to be as many as we can to make this a great party.





Sunday 27 Giovità's Ferragosto Bash
Come one! Come all! party with Giovità for Ferragosto!

St Zotique Beach: 81 ave. St Zotique, Quebec.

Departure is at 9:00 am from Buffet Le Rizz.

Ticket price is $12 per person and includes transportation and entry to the beach. The tickets will be on sale from August 18 (night) at Cafè Extravaganza and
Arc-En-Ciel Travel Agency (1600 Villeray).

The tickets will also be on sale at Giovità's next monthly meeting Tuesday August 22.

Panini e drinks will be on sale at the beach!

For our friends coming by their own means of transportation, please call St Zotique Beach for directions at 450-267-3003.



Friday 7 Giovità's Extreme Summer
Another Giovità all Italian-music party at Club Extreme!

Tickets are $5 and are on sale at the Tuesday July 4 meeting and also at:

  • Caffè Epoca
  • Boccaccinos on Jean-Talon (east of Langelier)
  • Lo Stivale (in ville Lasalle)
  • Giovità Committee members
Tickets will be on sale at the door of Club Extreme for $6. Please note that the proceeds from the tickets sold at the door do not go to Giovità.



Friday 2  Italian Navy Night (photos)
Giovità is organizing a party to celebrate the arrival of the marines of the Italian war ship Durand De La Penne that is visiting Montreal. 

Come celebrate with us at Buffet le Rizz, 6630 Jarry Est from 8:00pm where pizza, panini, deserts and coffee will be served. 

The tickets are on sale at Caffè Extravaganza, La Belle Italienne, or call CFMB and ask to talk with a member of Giovità. 

Sunday 4 Partita di calcio contro le squadre di Durand de la Penne (photos)
  Centre Claude Robillard (Montreal) at 3pm. Entrance is free.

Come cheer on the Giovità soccer team as it confronts the team from the Italian navy shipDurand de la Penne in addition to the CFMB team. 


Sunday 11 Giochi Senza Frontiere 2000 (photos)
The second edition of our games will be held at Parc Delorme on Robert street in St-Leonard.

Giovità and CFMB present the second edition of our games, the

Giochi Senza Frontiere 2000!!
(games without borders)

The day's schedule:

11:00am: The members of the new committee meet for photographs and interviews

Noon: We ask the players to show up to prepare the teams

1pm - 4pm: Giochi Senza Frontiere! TO THE GAMES!

4pm - 5pm: Dancing and feasting! (DJ music and food)

5pm - 7pm: Kareoke. We sing in the park!

7pm - 8:30pm: The children of Superfantastico will entertain us with their singing

8:30pm - 9pm: Presentation of the Giovità 2000-2001 committee and the winning team of the games

9pm - 11pm: Presentation of the movie IL MOSTRO with Roberto Benigni

Free food and drink for all the players in the Giochi Senza Frontiere. And spectators can purchase food and drink at low prices 

Hope to see you all there! 

We would also like to take this time to thank our sponsers:
Santa Maria Foods 
Alati Bakery 
Pâtisserie Italia 
Euro Pâtissetrie 
Saeco Coffee 

Thursday 15  Trip to Italy - Italy at its best (itinerary) 
Departure for a fantastic 2 week trip to Italy. 

Price 2 999 $ that includes: 

  • Plane round trip (closed ticket valid for 2 months with date fixed before departure) 
  • 3 meals a day, local guides, 3 or 4 star hotels, luxury bus. 
  • And so much more 
For information: Lucio of Voyages Arc En Ciel Travels 

Tel: 514-725-935 e-mail:

Or Giovità at 514-483-2362. 


Sunday 25 Giovità Fashion Show (photos)
The Giovità fashion show will be held at Buffet Le Rizz, 6630 Jarry Est and will start at 5pm. After the show, a cocktail will be served. 

Boarding pass: adults $15 and children less than 12 years old $10

For more information:

The featured designers of the evening are:
Francesca Vaccaro (Giovita member) 
Joseph Maiolo (Giovita member) 
Angelo Bucaro 
Nadya Toto ( an amazing designer!)

Clothes are compliments of the following stores:
Vêtements Club Uomo 
S.B. Soirée 
Taz Basement 
Evangelista sports 
Bikini Village 
Garage (superfantastico skit) 
Signor Terry 
Victoire Delage



Friday 19 Serata Kareoke - Caffè Extravaganza
We expect you in large numbers at Caffè Extravaganza 7010 St-Laurent. 

The entrance is $3 that will go toward the Giovità Fashion Show. 



Monday 1 Cabane à Sucre
A traditional evening at the Cabane à Sucre with Giovità inc. 


Thursday 20 Sweet Easter Bash - Club Cathedral
Come dance with us at Club Cathedral 3781 St-Laurent, Montreal. Tickets $5


Sunday 30 What Does the New Millenium Riserve for the Italo-Canadian Identity?
Come discuss the future of our Italo-Canadian culture in North America wth our guest panelists.

From 2pm to 5pm at Caffè Epoca 6778 St-Laurent, Montreal.

The first debate held by Giovita was Sunday April 30, 2000 at 2:00 in the afternoon. The issue at hand was "Cosa riserva il nuovo millennio all'identita italo-canadese". The Debate was held at Café Epoca, a common place for young Italo-Canadians to meet for a cappuccino or espresso. In doing so, they had the opportunity to discuss about their future identity. The panelists were: Lora Cianci; Anna Panunto; Lilly Renda; Alain Laferrière; and Nick Di Vincenzo, All the panelists are from different backgrounds and therefore brought their personal experience to the debate allowing it to be a success. What made the debate interesting was the fact that the audience had a chance to express themselves. If they wanted to discuss about certain doubts or inquire on certain topics they could have done so freely. 

Many questions were asked to the panelists to allow for certain specific issues to be discussed. One issue that emerged from our discussion was the language issue. Language is important for this culture to have continuity. Many people stated that the importance is the fact of feeling Italian that matters, others pointed out the fact of how could this culture live through the generations if the language is not spoken. 

Another point that was brought forth was the fact that we are maintaining an Italian culture that does not represent the way Italians live in Italy at the moment. The Italian culture we are familiar with is one that we have inherited from our grandparents. The people that have immigrated many years ago, when they think of Italy look back with nostalgic feeling to what was left behind. It is only normal that the culture that we, second generation have grown to learn about is seen through the eyes of our parents, not through the eyes of what Italy really is today. 

In conclusion one young lady mentioned that, for this culture to be always alive, one must not follow the rule of the three D's: dancing; dressing; and drinking. What the young lady meant was there is more to the Italian culture than sipping an espresso, parading in Gianni Versaci jeans, or dancing a tarantella. That is what we have to work on. 



Friday 11 Festa di San Valentino - Buffet Le Rizz
Information required



Friday 21 Serata Kareoke - Caffè Extravaganza
We expect you in large numbers at Caffè Extravaganza 7010 St-Laurent at 8:00pm


Last Update: December 17, 2000

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