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Assemblies 2001
Tuesday december 11 2001
At 7:30 pm, Place: Villa Italia 8600 Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal (RDP)

- XMAS party on December 21st and Dante Center Xmas carolling on December 29th.

Thursday november 29 2001
At 7:30 pm, Place: Villa Italia 8600 Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal (RDP)

Tuesday october 16th 2001
The 2000-2001 Giovita committee would like to take
this opportunity and thank all its members for the support it received during its mandate. It would also like to invite all of you to the next general assembly which will take place at Buffet Le Rizz on October 16 2001 at 7:30 pm. During the assembly the next Giovita committee for the 2002 year will be officially announced.

See you all there!
New Beginnings!

October 16th, 2001 marked a new start for the 2001-2002 Giovità committee.  After the past committee said their warm good-byes and best wishes, the young and energetic new committee took the floor. Antonio offered a special message to the victims and any related members to the September 11th cause.  Diana then presented the team and their different responsibilities. Connie provided the Giovità members with the upcoming events for the next few months:

  • Hell of a Halloween party! October 26th at Buffet le Mirage, 8pm (Open Bar)
  • Karoake Night on November 24th at Café Versace.
  • Tentative general meeting on November 29th
  • Christmas Party December 21st  (Dinner and Open Bar)
Maria followed with the action plan for 2001-2002 and the introduction of sub-committees in which members can offer a helping hand. This ignited interest because the level of participation was high. It was welcoming to see new and familiar faces alike at the Giovità meeting.The Giovità committee looks forward to more active participation from existing and new members. To communicate with a Giovità committee member contact: 514-920-7413
Wednesday august 29th 2001
Elections of the new comittee 2001-2002
New comittee members:

Antonio Vileno (1)
Connie Campisi (2)
Diana Dellefraine (3)
Lucy Schiavone (5)
Maria Mandato (6)
Paolo Treves (7)
Remo Ponari (8)

Thursday august 16th 2001
Introduction of the candidates for the next elections 2001-2002:
Antonio Vileno (1)
Connie Campisi (2)
Diana Dellefraine (3)
Lilly Renda (4)
Lucy Schiavone (5)
Maria Mandato (6)
Paolo Treves (7)
Remo Ponari (8)

N.B. : Members will vote for 7 candidates out of 8

Wednesday june 13th 2001
This meeting as been cancelled
Wednesday may 9th 2001
Presentation on the Puglia region

May 9th at Buffet Le Rizz, Giovita together with some very dedicated members will be presenting to you its fifth assembly dedicated to celebrating the regions of Italy. The chosen region for this assembly is Puglia. Puglia is one of Italy's most underestimated regions. Together with i Trulli di Alberobello, its beautiful country side and beautiful stone sculptures and wellings, this rendez-vous with beauty is not to be missed. Giovita will take you on a virtual journey along Italy's eastern coast. So come join the music, laughter and special games and most importantly sweets presented and dedicated to La Puglia. We hope to see you all there.

Wednesday april 11th 2001
palazzo reale
Campania presentation
Once again, a new region will be discovered. April 11 come to Buffet Le Rizz at 19.30 and discover La Campania. Campania is one of Italy's most populated regions. It is not only respected in Italy but also across the world. Its beautiful music, food and love of life makes it a place to discover and adore. Giovita will have plenty of surprises for all of you. A typical 'Campano Chef' will be giving out his secrets, so that we can all taste la Campania together. Sfogliatelle, pizza and assorted cookies will be available. Representatives of the region will also be on hand to talk about their experiences and what is going on in their beloved region.  Therefore come one come all...most importantly come early because there will be a photo exposition early in the evening.
1. Campania presentation

2. Presentation pictures


Wednesday march 14th 2001
Presentation on Molise at 7:00 pm
March 14th, Giovita's general assembly. This month is dedicated to the beautiful region of Molise. For the occassion, Giovita is honoured to have as special guests: Antonio Vespa, president of the Molisana Association. Antonietta Sabatino di Pietro, coordinator of the Molisana association. Miss Italia Montreal, Paola Pacigo and the Ielsi folk group. Once again come and enjoy the riches of Molise together with Giovita.
Wednesday february 21st 2001

Presentation on Calabria

February 21th is Giovità next general assembly!!
Theme for the evening will the beautiful region of Calabria. There will be a number of special guests including: Mr.Saraceno president of L'Associazione Calabrese and president of the Comites Mr.Giovanni Rapanà as well as secretaryMs. Giovanna Giordano. So please come and enjoy Giovita's tribute to Calabria!!!

Wednesday january 17th 2001
1.Presentation on Sicily 

2.Presentation pictures


Assemblies 2000


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